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From the time we were born, we were mollycoddled into believing that men are strong, stoic and less emotional. That men are different than woman, more stronger and descend from a different planet altogether (Mars, here). We live under the preconceived notion that men don’t feel and are devoid of emotions. When we spill our sentiments through tears, we are hushed because “men don’t cry“, when we try our hand at cooking, we are arm twisted with “are you a girl?” and when we have an emotional breakdown we are laughed at because we are doing things labelled “girly.” 

To cut a long story short, men are emotional and it is our right to express it. But the society in which we live confuses us, asks us to shut up and take the s**t head on, put on a mask that will dupe the actual you and never show any sign of weakness (emotions). The people living around us are born and bred in the same society with ideologies that do not, would not and could not let us show who we actually are and how we honestly feel. 

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Sometimes, we are in situations so grave that we ourselves do not understand how we feel, let alone showing it. Although we want to get through it, feel the relief which one feels after a good cry, we can not do it because we were never taught to do so. So we pile up our myriad emotions like heaps of clothes until it falls down of its own weight and imbalance. 

Author or F**k feelings, Michael and Sarah are of the opinion that men are better off without displaying their emotions. They compare expressing emotions to farting. Although the latter (the former under some circumstances) poisons the room, did Sarah and Michael ever feel the relief of doing both and the peacefulness of the mind and the body that comes with it? 

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Women and men are equal, they feel equally and so must they express with the same level of equality. All in all, we are humans, humans have emotions which separates them from other animals. Then why not normalize men crying, men cooking, taking care of the family and changing babies’ diapers?