Let’s get it straight. Men are not protected from domestic violence by the constitution of India. The ‘Protection of women from domestic violence act, 2005’ is exclusively for women making us men vulnerable to invisible forms violence. 

Many a times, we are falsely framed for violence because our wife wants to revenge on us. While harassment of men in miniscule in number as compared to that against women, men ARE harassed and it is high time that we be given our inalienable rights. 

The Constitution of India, the supreme law of the land given every citizen equal protection before the law but reality is quite the contradictory. If/when we file a case, it is struck down as senseless and baseless. 

Men face violence and we all know that yet we are mum on the subject because let’s face it, “MEN ARE STRONG TO FIGHT FOR THEMSELVES.” This pre supposed notion has caught us on the wrong foot. The issue about crime against men in India largely remains unsupported and unreported.

The Indian penal code has codified domestic violence, rape and other such crimes without mentioning man as the victim. It assumes that when a crime is committed, it is against women and men are the perpetrators of this crime. 

It’s high time that we remove the gag from our mouth, raise our head and talk about the issue without shame. And why not? We are equal and we equally suffer.  

Picture credits : Google