Boys play with guns and girls play with dolls. This has forever been the idea and the marketing strategy of toy producing companies all over the world. Because girls indeed like to play with dolls and boys with guns, companies have to market their products in a way that will appeal their target group.

Feminists have had a problem with everything men do. From the way they sit, the way they look, the clothes they wear, the way they tie their shoelace, the color they like to now the toys that they play with. This spreading umbrella of feminism has made manufacturers think twice before coming out with another clone of barbie or another model of an AK-47! 

For instance, a Swedish toy making company has released what they are calling a ‘gender neutral’ catalogue. But what they really have done is reversed gender roles by taking guns away from boys and handed them over to girls and vice versa. This is not progress, nor is this something that deserves a pat on the back. This is just another marketing strategy for boosting sales. This is savage. 

Will it stop boys from playing with guns or girls with dolls? As if there wasn’t enough feminism, feminists have started feminizing men. Feminism is no longer about empowering women but about seizing the power of men. AND this is the worst kind of misandry.

Making a girl wear a boy’s clothes or making her play with toys she dislikes will not bring the change we are hoping for. Change begins from changing mindset, from changing our thinking pattern and doing what is right, not what is good!

Image credits : google