Love. Some say it’s the purest feeling of all while others argue it is something divine. Only the lucky ones are caught in this four lettered magical whirlwind. The fact is, love is a mutual emotion between two souls, as delicate as a thread. A tiny pull or push will tear it apart. The great ones have said, “When you are in love, you don’t need drugs.”

The question that still ponders, however is who will make the first move? The clock is ticking and Valentine’s Day is only a few hours away. Of course, most men are ready with a ring, some roses, chocolates and a lengthy sugar-coated promise-filled speech. Definitely they are going to fumble irrespective of how well they have rehearsed. A handful of men like me will wait for her to make the move, to feel the heat of the moment, to feel the shiver in legs, sweat in palms, words in mind and crocodiles in stomach. 

For times immemorial, men have been the decision makers. Be it the budget of the house, the place of vacation, the color of wallpaper or love! Men had to take the course of action they thought to be correct not because they loved being the boss but because, well, that has been the culture. 

We have entered an era where things no longer are the way they once were. Women have started sharing roles, taking responsibility yet there is one lake they are yet to dive into. And that is the lake of love. It has always been assumed and ensured that women will wait for men to come for them, sit one their knees and utter the golden syllable. 

As cute as it sounds, this idea is stupidity of the highest order because love is a mutual feeling and there is no point of waiting for the guy to crawl to you. What if he doesn’t? Better yet, what if he proposes one of your friends? Won’t it be the most excruciating feeling? 

This Valentine’s Day, this 14th of February, let’s bend the rules and make girls experience the tingling sensation and the add on happiness that accompanies it. Let girls make the move. Let’s give way to a redefined form of feminism and an updated version of maleism! 

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